VIDEO: Fan-made Smokey and the Bandit 4 trailer

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No, this isn't real. That said, there are some snippets in here that appear to have had some kind of budget when they were shot. We can't place where all these clips were sourced from, but YouTuber Ryanassert did a good job of stringing them all together into something cohesive. Then there's that cover of Jerry Reed's "Eastbound and Down." You'll either love it or hate its neo-punk-pop styling, but who cares when you're looking at clips of Year One's modern Bandits spliced with the finest seasonings of Buford T. Justice's nuggets of wisdom.

If this video doesn't inspire you to spend the next three hours on YouTube searching out Bandit clips, there's something wrong with you. When you're done with the Bandit trailer, there's other fanboi fantasies for Knight Rider, the A-Team, even the Cannonball Run. Check out the video embedded after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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