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Back in January, we showed you an early rendering of the Hennessey HPE700, a car we called the bastard love child of a Camaro SS and Corvette ZR1. Development of the "ZR1 and then some"-powered Camaro is well underway, and John Hennessey of Hennessey Performance Engineering just sent us this video of the HPE700 powertrain being manhandled by the recently retired John Heinricy on a track in Texas. For now, the 705-horsepower LS9 engine tuned by HPE is living in its native home beneath the hood of a yellow ZR1. In the hands of Heinricy, it propels he and the car up to 145 mph on one of the back straights at MSR Houston. The engine sound is sonorous and quite unlike what we're used to hearing from a Corvette, which means it should sound downright alien in the Camaro. Follow the jump to watch the video and hear what we mean.

[Source: YouTube]

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