Thank you for calling the General Motors emergency hotline, please hold while we sort out what the heck to do with you...
Saturn dealers are being asked by GM to hold on and not do anything drastic for 60 days while the automaker figures out its next move. There are several options possible, some more feasible than others. The one that's gotten the most attention recently is spinning off Saturn into an independent business, which has everyone intrigued. GM could even remain a supplier to Saturn if it cuts the right deal, as an independent Saturn would be purchasing products from other sources.

Some dealers think the brand could turn into a sort of automotive Costco, sourcing product from all over the place and putting the house brand on the grille. Perhaps the most likely scenario is GM steering its Saturn unit into bankruptcy, and hurrying the process along before the current product ages out in 2012. It's certainly a thorny little chestnut for GM to crack, and for now, Saturn dealers are being asked to refrain from doing anything like closing, or rolling another brand into their showrooms for at least 60 days.

[Source: Auto News - sub req]

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