The Ford F-Series Super Duty just came in for a refresh last year, but the full-size heavy duty truck segment is so competitive that work never really stops in the pickup studio. The brawny Blue Oval workhorse will get rhinoplasty for 2011, and like the current models, its new styling takes inspiration from a concept vehicle.
Ford designers have taken the SuperChief concept from 2006 as their muse, as it lends its likeness for the Super Duty's grille treatment. The cooling needs of an actual working truck, however, require larger spacing between the grille's chrome bars. There are two bars clearly visible behind the camo, and a third is likely just below the mesh. thinks the '11 Super Duty will be powered by the new Scorpion diesel V8 or the upcoming Boss 6.2 liter V8, rather than the current gasoline V10. Manual transmissions are also on the way out. Even with grim forecasts, it would be suicide for Ford to dally on truck development. Besides, what are all those shovel-ready stimulus projects going to need? Trucks, so the new Super Duty might be very well timed, indeed.


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