Click above for a high-res image of Bentley's new biofuel supercar

When the curtain rises on the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, Bentley will take a large share of the spotlight with the vehicle you see above. It has no name yet (it's simply referred to as the "Extreme Bentley" for now) and no technical specifics have been released, but what Bentley has revealed is that this will be the marque's fastest, most powerful production car yet... and it runs on biofuel. Visually, the grilles all have a blackout treatment, and sizable vertical intakes occupy the front bumper's outer edges. The hood also sports a pair of vents, presumably to help extract engine heat.

Given that the 600-horsepower/553-lb-ft Continental GT Speed currently owns the "most powerful production Bentley" title, look for more extreme ratings on this new, obviously Continental-based monster. As for the biofuel half of the equation, we expect to see an ethanol-drinking version of the twin-turbocharged W12 that propels the rest of the Continental range. In any case, a new Bentley's coming and it's fixin' to open up a plus-sized can of whoop-ass.

We'll learn more closer to the Geneva festivities, but if you happen to not be going to Switzerland in March and still want to see the flexfuel Bentley in person, head to the Big Apple in April. It'll be displayed at the New York Auto Show. Follow the jump for the official teaser video. It doesn't show much, but it essentially confirms that the Continental GT is the basis for the "Extreme Bentley." The coupe's familiar shape is outlined for all. (Thanks to Paul Tan for creating the embed.)

[Source: Bentley]

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