Volkswagen has been toying with mid-engined concepts and compact roadsters for years now, but we're told that the BlueSport concept that the automaker revealed in Detroit is close to the finished product. But after years of gestation, Volkswagen isn't about to let the BlueSport go it alone. Not when the cost of developing a new mid-engined platform could be shared across its various brands.

An Audi derivative, like a little brother to the R8 and TT is in the cards. A Porsche version is reportedly not. But VW's Spanish subsidiary SEAT could get its own version. Supposedly Volkswagen's sportiest division, SEAT is lacking a halo car to embody what the brand is supposed to stand for. And considering all of its other products share their underpinnings with existing Volkswagens (or Audi, in the case of the Exeo), chances are good that the bigwigs in Stuttgart will give their Spanish subordinates the green light. Check out the BlueSport gallery below and then hit the link to see Paul Tan's SEAT renderings.


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