Next month Ford is expected to unveil the all new 2010 Ford Taurus at the Detroit Auto Show, but don't expect the large sedan to be accompanied by a new Mercury Sable. Ford spokesman Mark Schirmer told Automotive News that the spacious sedan will take a dirt nap in April, one month after the Taurus X drives off into the sunset. The Sable never did make inroads with customers despite of its unoffensive sheet metal, smooth ride, and spotless safety ratings, and sales are down 20% for the year through November. Schirmer stated that part of the reason for the Sable's departure was that Ford was readying itself for lower industry volume levels, which makes multiple nameplates more difficult to justify. Dealers will need to order their last Sables by March 6th, and production comes to a halt on April 30. In a letter to dealers, Ford stated that it was discontinuing the Sable to "have a laser sharp focus on delivering the products that consumers want the most." Fair enough.

We never quite understood why the Sable performed as poorly as it did. The Sable was no standard bearer, mind you, but even the Grand Marquis regularly kicked the Sable's arse on the sales charts. And it's been around since Jimmy Carter was president.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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