Top Gear's unofficial motto, "ambitious but rubbish," has placed our favorite motoring show trio in a number of unfortunate – albeit highly entertaining – challenges, and This January Parajet will take to the skies on a 4,000-mile trip from London to Timbuktu in a flying car.

The TG crew will be piloting A Parajet Skycar will take off from London, fly over France, Spain, Morocco and the Sahara, then – God-willing – arrive in the Malian capital. The Skycar makes use of a biofuel-powered Yamaha bike engine to power either the rear wheels, when stuck on the ground, or a propeller, when taking flight. Cruising speed is an achingly slow 68 mph at 3,000 feet, but the Skycar can supposedly reach altitudes of 15,000 feet. And yes, parachutes are part of package.

UPDATE: Our bad. The trip won't be manned by Clarkson, Hammond and May. It's being put on by Parajet in an effort to prove that flying cars are both useful and safe. Sorry for the confusion, but we'd still like to see Top Gear take up the challenge.

[Source: Top Gear US]

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