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If we had a turbocharged BMW E46 M3 that kicked out 630 horsepower to the rear wheels, we'd be pretty damn proud of it. In fact, we'd likely head right over to our old man's house and take him for a spin. Hopefully he wouldn't react to our ass-kicking, super-tuned Bimmer like the dad in this video did. Watch and listen as the young man behind the wheel barely engages the accelerator and his old man freaks the hell out. The entire 1:28 is basically a profanity-laced tribute to the scared parent with no need for speed. Our favorite part is when Dad puts his hand on the dash and begs his offspring to slow down. Classic. Hit the jump to see for yourself, unless you're easily offended by swearing, because every third word could be censored on broadcast television. Thanks for the tip, everyone!

[Source: Streetfire]

Some dad's first reactions on M3 Turbo

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