HUMMER's up for sale, and General Motors is looking around the house for other items to include in its yard sale. During a presentation to Deutsche Bank, GM's powertrain plant in Strasbourg was added to the For Sale listings by Treasurer walter Borst. Together, the HUMMER brand and the French transmission plant could bring up to $4 billion. GM's likely not done raiding the attic, either. A list of other salable assets is currently being drawn up as The General continues attempts at righting its ship.

A selloff of HUMMER probably doesn't mean much for the brand's lineup in the immediate future. A new owner would be purchasing the name moreso than the GM truck-based H2 and H3. New models based off some other architecture will take a considerable amount of time to work up; it'd likely mirror what's going on with Land Rover and Jaguar under Tata's ownership.

[Source: Inside Line]

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