F430 in the shop? Fiat providing limited-edition 500 rental

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Fiat 500 Ferrari Edition.

If you own an Italian masterpiece adorned with a prancing horse, your good fortune is likely tempered with a few mechanical or electrical maladies. If and when that happens, most of us would expect an expensive loaner to take our minds off of our troubles, but team Ferrari has a "better idea." Fiat has created 200 special edition 500s that are done up to Ferrari standards, including red paint, a top notch sound system, electric sunroof, automatic climate control, a black steering wheel with red stitching and 16-inch aluminum wheels. Although the stock, 100 hp 1.4-liter engine remains, the exhaust has been tweaked to provide a bit more growl. Since Fiat is keeping its run of limited edition 500s to a minimum, the automaker will also provide a numbered kick plate to show off where each model falls in the production run.

While the "Ferrari Edition" 500 is a sweet limited edition model in its own right, we're not sure if we would dig getting one as a temporary replacement for our Scuderia. Call us snobs, but the Quattroporte or a Alfa 8C Competizione is as low as we're willing to go.

[Source: Carscoop]

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