Cadillac bringing ethanol hybrid chopper to LA Auto Show

Cadillac chief Jim Taylor likes him some motorcycles, so it's not all too surprising that he commissioned a Cadillac-themed chopper from Great American Chopper in Clawson, Michigan (at right). What is surprising is that Cadillac has commissioned a second chopper from V20 Consulting out of New York City that will be an ethanol hybrid capable of running on corn fuel or pure electrons. It can reportedly even reach 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Cadillac plans to unveil the bike at the LA Auto Show later this year, but the thing we can't figure out is what motorcycles or hybrid powertrains have to do with Cadillac, which has never been associated with either. The source says that the bike is supposed to display GM's "strength in science and technology". How about delivering the series hybrid Volt on time? That's the only evidence of GM's strength in science and technology that we need.
UPDATE: Cadillac contacted us to clarify that in fact it didn't commission either motorcycle, but both custom bike-building shops are building these choppers on their own, and Cadillac has given them permission to use its logo and branding. It was also pointed out that the Cadillac Escalade Two-Mode Hybrid is almost here, so in fact the wreath and crest will soon be getting its first hybrid.

[Source: D Business via Winding Road]

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