Not over yet: eBay buyer still trying to get M3 from BMW dealer

UPDATE: Ken almost got his BMW M3 sedan this afternoon, but things fell through yet again. BMW of North America has now been contacted by Ken's lawyer. Click here for more.

Ken Tanisaka's battle to get his M3 sedan from BMW of Lincoln, Nebraska is not over, despite encouraging words posted by Ken himself on Monday. While the embattled eBay winner had reported that he would be sold the brand new M3 sedan for his winning bid of $60,000, there were "special conditions" that had yet to be discussed. Having spoken with the dealership now, as well as retained his own attorney who specializes in internet law, Ken has revealed what the conditions are.

First, the dealership asked that the car could not be sold for a number of years. How that has anything to do with the dealership, other than them not wanting Ken to profit from their mistake, is beyond us. Ken's lawyer got this condition removed, thankfully. The second condition is that Ken would be asked to help defuse the internet firestorm that began after he posted on about this situation. Ken did just that when he posted on Monday that things were moving in a positive direction, prompting us to remark that we can call off the hounds now. Apparently the hounds need to be unleashed again until this dealership gets it.

Ryan Mathis, the sales manager for Husker Auto Group of which BMW of Lincoln is a part, was recently quoted in an article about the situation saying, "These bloggers out there, they have lots of time on their hands to do this." Ken shoots back in his latest post, "Did it ever occur to the dealership that they created a situation that compelled complete strangers to MAKE time?" Clearly there are many people out there who identify with getting screwed by a dealership, hence the outpouring of support and demands for internet justice, but until BMW of Lincoln sells the M3 sedan to Ken with NO strings attached, this isn't going to end. Seriously, BMW of North America, can we get a little help here? Thanks for the tip, everyone!


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