Spy Shots: Camaro caught in white this time

Click above for more high-res spy shots of the white Camaro prototype

We're not sure how this happened, but Corey Roginski, the same photographer who snapped the batch of black Camaro pics we showed you last night, also managed to shoot one in white. It appears he was given the same cordial welcome by engineers in whose care the car was placed, even going so far as to take a picture of the beaming photog posing with the car. Corey tells us that the he owns a '69 Camaro that his family bought new nearly 40 years ago, so getting to do an impromptu photo shoot with two prototypes of 2009's hottest car is why his face is beaming like a kid in a candy store.

We must be quick to point out that things like the headlights and taillights and other various components of the car are not final production pieces. But the body shape likely is, every crease, curve and bulge (unless GM's playing a horrible trick on all of us). As was the case with yesterday's batch of photos, Corey wasn't allowed to shoot the interior, further lending credence to GM VP of Global Design Ed Welburn's claim that the production innards of the new Camaro will be a pleasant surprise, despite spy photos that suggest otherwise.

[Source: Corey Roginski for Brenda Priddy & Co.]

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