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Spy Shots: Black Camaro caught without camo

Click above for a gallery of black Camaro goodness.

Maximum Bob's edict that no Camaro prototype will be spotted with camouflage held true again today, when Corey R. over at snapped off almost a dozen shots of a black mule headed out for testing. The dark horse pony isn't sporting anything we haven't seen before, but the chrome surrounds on the tail lamps are more obvious with the contrasting black paint.

According to Corey, the driver and passenger other drivers gave him the traditional one-fingered salute as he attempted to track down the black Camaro. The engineers driving the car, however, were reportedly very nice, and they allowed him to shoot the outside of the Camaro as long as his prying lens didn't get any images of the interior.

We've assembled all the pics in a gallery below for you viewing enjoyment.

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