Pimp my tractor: the Valtra Revolution

Finnish tractor maker Valtra has just the thing for the likes of Huggy Bear, Snoop and Ice-T when they decide to find a little plot out in the country and tend the garden. Valtra took a T-191 and, in a makeover worthy of Galpin Auto Sport, loaded it up with goods to keep the day moving when it's harvest time. The exterior remains understated, with just a glossy black paint job highlighted by blue LEDs and a raft of hi-po lights hinting at that the farmer is a pimp. In the cab, it gets more blue LEDs, an illuminated Valtra logo, an Alpine DVD screen with remote, a shiny sound system with a full complement of speakers -- including in the roof -- and a retractable GPS system, because sometimes, you know, you need a little help finding the party... in your tractor. The promo video even comes with an Ibiza soundtrack. The tractor is called the Revolution, and you know you want one. Check out the video after the jump.

Thanks for the tip, Ovidiu!

[Source: YouTube via Zercustoms]

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