Designer pens Ferrari F250 Concept

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Ferrari is very reluctant to admit it's working on an "entry-level" model that is rumored to be a successor to the Dino, so those of us who can't wait have to take matters into our own hands. Meet the Ferrari F250 Concept designed by Idries Omar, who says the low slung, mid-engine supercar you see before you was originally intended to be his take on a new Dino. But let's face it, the name "Dino" makes most people think of The Flintstones, so Omar instead crowned his creation the F250. Sure, it doesn't share much in common with the venerable 250 GTO after which it's named, but if we're already imagining Ferraris that don't exist, we should be able to name them whatever we want. Less artistic license was taken for the 250 GTO Concept's engine, which Omar imagines to be a 2.5L V6 that runs on biofuel. This part of his thought experiment is not as far off as you'd think. Ferrari just debuted the F430 Spider Bio Fuel in Detroit this week that runs on E85 ethanol.

[Source: Serious Wheels]

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