VW launches teaser site for new Coupe

The formerly described "Passat 4-door 'Coupe'" is now just the Volkswagen Coupe. A teaser site has been launched that doesn't reveal too much, except, frankly, a car that looks in detail much like a Phaeton. It's reported that the engine choices to start with will number exactly two: a 1.8-liter 160-HP unit, and a 300-HP unit. Other engines are expected online in the Fall of '08.

We don't know how much the car will weigh, but if this really is a luxury car that will come with a luxurious -- for VW -- price tag, we can't figure out what kind of reasoning concluded that a 160-HP engine would be acceptable. It sounds like a recipe for a slow, expensive -- again, for a VW -- car. And that sounds like a Phaeton with less giddy-up and rear headroom. We have no crystal balls, however, so we look forward to being surprised.

[Source: Volkswagen via Autoblog Spanish]

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