In Europe, Cadillac hasn't been moving the new CTS in the kind of numbers it wanted, and the BLS has always been somewhat of a disappointment. On account of this, Cadillac is once again being said to seriously consider broadening the CTS range to include a coupe and wagon, the better to compete with its German rivals in Europe. Word is that the CTS wagon could bow at Detroit in January, with a CTS coupe coming some time after that. While rumors of a CTS Wagon and Coupe have been around for at least a year, additional European demand for such models could sway the General into giving these cars the green light.
We can't say it strongly enough: Cadillac, do it. And in case that still wasn't enough: we double dog dare you. Cadillac wants its new CTS to swipe buyers from both BMW and Mercedes. Sure, the CTS is COTY, but -- and with all due respect to Motor Trend -- no one buys a 3-Series or C-Class because it wins COTY. The fact that Cadillac doesn't want to offend its core buyers attract new, trendy import buyers with a single four-door sedan is a challenge that we have yet to see anyone overcome. And certainly not a challenger starting from Cadillac's perceived image.

If Cadillac really wants to show the coastal metropolitan crowd that it's serious, it needs to offer more than one great choice of car. A coupe, a wagon, and throw a diesel in, as well... those are great places to start.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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