Honda's new dedicated hybrid to be a high-volume model

Although Honda has no plans to pursue plug-in hybrid vehicles for the time being and they aren't taking Toyota's shotgun approach of putting their hybrid system in everything they build, they haven't given up on hybrids. Honda is focusing their efforts where they feel they will be most effective. That means that larger cars, like the Accord, and crossovers and trucks will be getting clean diesel engines.
Smaller cars that mostly commute in urban areas will use hybrid systems because they are most likely to be able to take advantage of regenerative braking. Honda CEO Takeo Fukui spoke to reporters ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show about the new dedicated hybrid vehicle the company will introduce in 2009. Unlike the Insight, which had limited appeal due to its small size and only two seats, the new model will be larger and be built in much higher volumes. Honda is working aggressively to lower the cost premium of the hybrid system to no more $1,750 and down the road it could be combined with diesel engines for even greater efficiency.

[Source: Reuters]

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