Saab looks to downsize...engines, that is

With stricter European emissions controls looming, expect to see Saab jump on the "less is more" (or, at the very least, "less is equal") bandwagon, joining companies like Renault and Volkswagen, which have begun implementing smaller engines that provide power comparable to larger units. In an interview, Saab Great Britain's managing director Jonathan Nash stated that smaller-displacement turbocharged E85 engines are likely to appear in the near term. Look for them to ape the success of the currently-available, larger BioPower engines that are top-sellers in Sweden. Those motors make more power on Ethanol than gasoline, and Saab feels it can go smaller without forcing drivers to accept a performance penalty. For consumers to take full advantage, their markets need to have readily-available E85 of course. Longer term, Nash says that the Biofuels and hybrid technology are probably the future of Saab, and you might remember that this combo was previewed last year in the Saab BioPower Hybrid concept.

[Source: 4Car]

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