In new Bond novel, 007 returns to Bentley

In Sebastian Faulks' forthcoming new James Bond novel, Devil May Care, Britain's top secret agent will return to the marque with which Ian Fleming so closely associated him in his original novels. In Devil May Care (which is set in 1967 during the Cold War), James Bond returns to Bentley. The model hasn't been specified yet, but the color (or colour, if we want to be properly British about it) will be "battleship grey," the same shade Fleming used to describe 007's Bentley in the novel, Casino Royale. Fans of the Bond films will remember that Bond's Bentley is referenced during the Goldfinger exchange in which the Q tells 007 he'll be switching over to the now-famous Aston Martin DB5.
For a very thorough rundown of James Bond and his Bentleys, we recommend you check out David A. Sulzberger's excellent history on that topic over at The Continental Register. As for Bond on film, don't expect to see Daniel Crag strapping into a Continental GT Speed in the next film (well, not yet, at least). As we reported back in January, Ford's got one picture left on the 3-film product-placement deal it signed with the Bond producers. Speculation then was that 007 would drive a Jaguar, since Aston was on the block. We wonder what happens, however, if Ford unloads the Leaper before the next Bond film begins shooting. With no British marques left in the stable (Aston's gone, remember), it could get a little dicey for 007's next ride. Better pull a Ford GT out of storage just in case.

[Source: Top Gear]

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