Rendered Speculation: Ford Fiesta Concept sketches surface

Auto Express has published a series of renderings that it swears are a dead ringer for the Ford Fiesta Concept that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. If that's true, then it's a very good thing, as the sketches show a B-class car that's one part Mondeo and one part S-Max with a pinch of attitude for flavor. The Ford of Europe kinetic design language that debuted on the Iosis Concept two years ago has filtered down into production quite nicely, and this latest application on the Fiesta Concept is a tiny jewel. We particularly like the up-kink at the C-pillar and how the Iosis headlights extend from its grille all the way back to the A-pillar, nearly covering the front fenders entirely. Auto Express breaks down the design panel by panel, but we're content to just look for now while we wait for the vehicle's official debut on Friday. Click the Read link to view more renderings over at Auto Express.

[Source: Auto Express]

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