Return of the Reader Ride

It's a rare week that goes by that we don't get at least one comment asking where the Reader Ride of the Day has gone. Well, we're pleased to announce that the RR hiatus has ended and in the next two weeks we'll be accumulating more reader-owned vehicles to showcase on a regular basis. We're still mulling over whether or not we want to keep the same format as before, featuring one vehicle per day and then allowing you to vote for your favorite at the end of the week, or making it a weekly feature, with a vote at the end of the month. Sound off in comments about what you'd prefer and we'll take your thoughts into consideration.

We've got a new Flickr pool set up, ingeniously titled "Autoblog Reader Rides," and we'd ask you to begin submitting your rides as soon as you've got three photos and a brief (or detailed) description of your vehicle. Directions are posted after the jump that outline how to submit, what we need and what our new Flickr address is. Bring your best and brightest, or your downtrodden and rusted -- we don't care -- we just want to see what you're rollin'.

How to submit to RR of the Day:

Create a
Flickr account if you don't already have one. Join the group called "Autoblog Reader Rides." Upload up to three photos of your ride to your own account at a size no larger than 450 pixels wide and include as much information about it and yourself as you can. Click on each photo and just above the picture it will say "Send to group". Click that and select the Autoblog group. You're done!

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