Ford not interested in selling Volvo

It's just plain difficult to follow Ford Motor Company lately, as there seems to be more rumors about the embattled American icon than any other automaker. On any given day, all, some, or none of the Premiere Automotive Group could be for sale, and everyone from Renault to Hyundai, even the Russians, could be the most interested suitors.

In the past couple weeks, a sale of Jaguar and Land Rover has appeared more and more likely, as Ford has hired KPMG to assist in a possible sale. In a recent interview with the Free Press, however, Way Forward architect and Ford President of the Americas, Mark Fields, claims that Volvo definitely isn't on the block. The product portfolios of the Ford brand and Volvo are far too intertwined at this point, especially in Europe, for a split to pan out in the Blue Oval's favor. Ford will likely combine the R&D between the two brands further in North America, where Ford is working to bring down costs.

For our money, it makes sense to keep Volvo in the fold, if only because the Swedish automaker represents one of the few outright success stories in the Ford portfolio.

[Source: Freep]

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