2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed: The Supercars

UPDATE: Added shots of new Nissan GT-R that made a few passes this weekend

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has given us a great chance to see some supercars and exotics that haven't been very plentiful in the States. Several soon-to-be-released models or Euro-only offerings were in the supercar paddock, and most would later be seen making the run up the hill. Even the rain didn't seem to discourage them. A veritable who's who of the mega-exotics has made the run up the hill so far -- Caparo, Bugatti Veyron, Aston DBS, Lotus 2-Eleven, GB Roadster, SLR roadster, the one-off Ferrari 612 P4/5 (above), the Giugiaro Mustang, Audi R8, Lambo Superleggera, Roush 600 RE, Maserati Gran Turismo, Invicta S1, Marcos, Morgan, a Ferrari 599 and the 612 Police car, the Tesla Roadster, a Mosler, and many more. Around the grounds you can find additional cars that are on display only, like a couple of Zondas, a Koenigsegg, a Carrera GT, an F40, the Peugeot 908 RC concept, a Diablo GT, the SLK 63 AMG Black Series, an Alfa 8C, KTM's X-Bow, and others. Supercars are just about everywhere you go here at Goodwood. Click through for tons of high-res photos of some of them on display or in action.

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