Sell the house: Porsche GT2 available to buy in November

Oh baby, does the Porsche GT2 sound like fun. The twin-turbo flat six cranks out a mind-blowing 525 hp while pushing a vehicle that weighs 220 lbs less than the already light 911 turbo. Hitting 60 mph will take only 3.7 seconds, and you can keep the speedo going up to and past 200 mph. If evasive maneuvers are needed, virtually no car handles better than a 911, and ceramic brakes enable you to stop fast enough to knock the false teeth right out of Grandpa. There is no question the GT2 will have supercar-besting performance, and now we hear that we won't have to wait much longer for this RWD two-seater.
We've seen it in countless spy shots, and we'll see the real McCoy at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Now we're learning that the full-fledged official version will be available in November, right in time for the Christmas shopping season. We know it will cost somewhere in the vicinity of $200,000, but we're putting it on our list anyway.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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