Hyundai takes aim at Scion, considers production of Veloster, Hellion

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Hyundai wants to court the younger crowd, and is considering two of its concepts from the last year as ways to draw them into dealers in the future. The rides in question are the Hellion crossover and the slick little Veloster coupe. The Hellion, which made its debut at last year's Los Angeles Auto Show, is a rugged-looking three-door crossover whose styling is a love-it-or-hate it affair. One thing's almost certain: like the Opel Antara/ Saturn PreVue concept, we could see this growing a second set of doors if it were to spawn a bona-fide production car.

The Veloster is a slick-looking coupe that jumped onto the radar last month at the Seoul Motor Show, and would make a compelling addition to Hyundai showroom floors. Double bonus points for Hyundai if they approve it and manage to translate the concept's neat interior into something viable for mass-production. Finally, according to Ward's Auto World, the carmaker is also mulling over the idea of introducing a "sporty box" vehicle. Imagine if they go for the gusto and bring all three -- a box, a small crossover, and a coupe. It works for Scion, so why not Hyundai?

If we were forced to choose just one, it would have to be the Veloster. It looks like it's about 90% there already, and if done right, it'd give the Scion tC a run for its money. Fingers are crossed.

[Source: Ward's Auto World]

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