Geneva Motor Show: Pre-production Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris SSUV

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Spyker was focusing our attention on the C12 Zagato, its new super-exclusive supercar which took center stage. But sitting inconspicuously at the back of the booth was the D12 Peking-to-Paris "Super Sport Utility Vehicle" (SSUV). Most people passed it by, as it was all but completely indiscernible from the show car Spyker unveiled here a year ago. But the D12 was no concept, this was the pre-production version.

A Spyker corporate spokesman confirmed that they didn't highlight the pre-production D12 on their stand or during their press conference because they didn't want to detract from the C12 super-exotic, but said they'd be making a bigger deal of the SSUV at the New York show next month.

Aside from the different color scheme – last year's concept was black with tan interior, whereas this year's version was a dark grey over Dutch orange – the pre-production D12 Peking-to-Paris is 99-percent the same as the concept, according to Spyker. The main difference was what we couldn't see, as this version sat on Spyker's own aluminum frame instead of the "borrowed" underpinnings on which the concept sat.

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