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More on the Lancer Ralliart had a chance to sit down with one of Mitsubishi's execs and during the course of the conversation was able to pry a few details out about the upcoming Lancer Ralliart.

As we've already known, the Ralliart-massaged version of the Lancer has its sights squarely set on the Subaru WRX, and in order to compete with the entry-level rally machine, Mitsubishi has to bring two things to the table: all-wheel-drive and turbocharging.

The plan is to offer a similar lineup as Subaru, with the Ralliart slotting in below the Evolution X. Doing so, Mitsubishi intends to turbo a 2-liter inline four and hook it up to a five-speed gearbox that will send power to all four wheels, hopefully using as much of the Evo's hardware as possible.

The Ralliart will be released after the Evolution X, which is expected to hit dealers sometime in 2008.

There was also mention of a 2.4-liter model (which we doubt would have a snail attached) and a hatchback version that would replace the wagon variant seen in the past. However, since said exec was talking to an Australian news outlet, there's no guarantee that we would see such a vehicle Stateside.

Our favorite quote of the article, however, came at the end, when Mitsubishi's Robert McEniry said that the Australian Lancer would look nearly identical to the version we'll see here in the States, except with "less US chrome."


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