New Viper guarantees Blue Devil's arrival

When word of a 600-hp Dodge Viper first crossed our desks, we immediately figured that the on-again, off-again super Corvette "Blue Devil" project would immediately get a green light for production. The current Z06 produces a stout 505 hp, about 5 hp shy of the current Viper's 8.3-liter V10. We knew, however, that General Motors would never let a 95-hp deficit stand. Thus, it's not much of a surprise that the Detroit Free Press is reporting none other than Bob Lutz has indicated that Blue Devil/SS/Stingray/whatever is definitely a go. Lutz's exact words were, "the Corvette vehicle line executive will not take that lying down." His comments were made at a meeting yesterday with analysts, at which he also stated, "It is very important for Corvette to be the most powerful, most capable, best handling sports car in the United States." Them sounds like fightin' words to us. Rumors about the Blue Devil peg its power at well above the 600-hp mark, which means not long after the 2008 Viper's steam-rolling rear tires hit the street, a new top-dog will arrive sometime in 2009.
[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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