Corvette Blue Devil back on!

The saga of the 600-hp super-Vette named Blue Devil has gone back and forth more times than a Sampras/Agassi grand slam, but it’s just been reported by AutoWeek that according to Tom Wallace, GM’s performance cars chief, the devil in a blue dress Vette is a go. Wallace told the weekly car mag that the biggest challenge is figuring out how 600 horsepower is going to be handled by people who can afford to buy the car.

His concern is legit, as the performance value leader Vette has always been a great bang-for-the-buck. The Blue Devil will likely offer performance on par with the fastest production vehicles in the world and yet still be considered “affordable” in supercar circles. GM is considering requiring Blue Devil buyers to attend a driving school, perhaps one rolled in with the purchase price, before they hand over the keys to such an awesomely powerful vehicle. 

Thanks for the hot tip, Keith!

[Source: AutoWeek via CorvetteBlogger]

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