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The concept here is simple. Start with the already stunning Corvette Z06. Add a supercharger to its 7-liter V8, yielding something north of 600 HP. Use enough carbon fiber to bring the weight down to 2900 lbs or so (about the weight of a Cobalt SS). Call it the Blue Devil, charge approximately $100,000, and let the debate begin. Will it be the fastest vehicle for the money? Almost certainly. Will it be "exclusive" enough to justify the price; that is, does it look too much like its more pedestrian siblings? Frankly, I don't care. It could look like a minivan, and I'd still want one. Rumor from a year or so ago had it that GM was having difficulty getting the lower end to survive at those power levels (keep in mind just how stringent WOT testing is at the OEM level), but it's reasonable to think that they've figured out how to fix those problems by now. Look for this in the 2007 model year.

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