Many would argue that the golden-age of racing improving the breed has passed. We still see innovation and clever engineering out there on the closed course, but it takes forever to get to the open road. Back in the 1960s, Chaparrals were arguably the most innovative racers out there. The company practially invented modern aerodynamic practices as they apply to automobiles, and the cars were full of other trick touches as well. Winding Road's James Morse has spent some time with Chaparral's James Musser, walking around one of the company's continuation cars and following it to a presentation at the GM Tech center. A continuation car is basically an exact a reproduction of the original as possible. Musser offers great commentary explaining how the 2E's innovations came about, and it's enthralling to see how items like the rear wing are implemented. Not only that, but the thing sounds positively evil in the best of ways. There are three videos after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to tipster Chuck!

[Source: Winding Road]

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