GM's Gamma to go global

Even though GM is one of the biggest players in the global market, it hasn't had much luck in worldwide platform sharing. And it wants to see that change. Soon. Sources are saying that GM is working on a new small car platform known internally as Gamma. This platform could be the basis for the next Opel Corsa and Chevrolet Aveo, and could ultimately support models with an annual volume of 1.4 million cars starting in 2009. Although unconfirmed, Gammas could be built in Korea, China, Thailand, India, Germany, Eastern Europe, Mexico and Venezuela.

Hopefully the platform will be flexible enough (like Ford's C1) to allow the kind of variation regional markets have demanded from GM in the past. That kind of differentiation was what partially doomed past efforts for true global platforms from GM. Besides allowing cost savings on such huge economies of scale, this kind of architecture provides an advantage for suppliers who are global as well. The cars will be badged as Daewoos in Korea, Chevrolets in the United States and China and Opels in Europe.

The Gammas will replace models from two different platforms when they reach market, including the next generation Daewoo Kalos, Matiz and Gentra, the Chevrolet Aveo and the Opel Corsa, Tigra and Meriva.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req]

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