Holden Efijy concept appears Detroit-bound

Usually, the biggest splash at any given auto show is made by something new, exciting, and never seen before. This January in Detroit, that logic might fly right out the window, as it looks like the sublime 2005 Holden Efijy concept, an HSV-powered throwback hot rod lovingly built by Holden engineers, will be displayed at the Detroit Auto Show. Now, while we tend to prattle on here about other Holden products that many people may not be familiar with, the Efijy is a little different. It was featured in Hot Rod magazine and even won the publication's Hot Rod of the Year award. Hence, it's a known commodity -- albeit one most American fans were unlikely to ever lay eyes on. ( Australia's not exactly a hop, skip and a jump away.)

If it comes to Detroit, what display it'll be a part of remains a mystery. We hope that the General gives it the big showcase it deserves, but regardless of where on the floor it resides, expect it to be one of the superstars of the show. As rumors go, this is one we sincerely hope has validity, because we sure as hell want to see the Efijy up close, too.

[Source: Glenn Butler, Sydney Morning Herald]

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