The other side of the pen: Volvo C30 designer starts blog

In a development that could prove to be very interesting, designer Simon Lamarre -- the man responsible for the exterior of the Volvo C30 -- has started blogging. Lamarre's C30 Designer Blog has a single post on it so far, in which he talks about the feelings a designer experiences when his work is finally revealed to the public. In Lamarre's case, the stage was the Paris Motor Show, and based on his telling, it sounded like it was about as positive an experience as one could have. In the end though, he acknowledges that at an event like Paris, the designer takes a proverbial backseat to the car itself.

He goes on to tell us that the designer's job is often difficult and fraught with political and bureaucratic hurdles that must be cleared to arrive at the finished product, and that it's those experiences, as well as sketches and other related materials, that he'd like to share with us as well. We hope he's able to, because it's always fascinating to learn about the background machinations that influence projects like this.

As for Lamarre's ability to clear the hurdles he mentioned, he handled them like Edwin Moses back in the '84 Olympics, because the C30 he penned is a winner -- one of our favorites in this year's roster of new cars.

[Source: Auto Acutalites]

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