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BMW X1 to take on the VW Tiguan

Germany's own Autobild magazine printed the above rendering of what may be BMW's attempt at crashing the ever-competitive small SUV segment. Although Toyota and Honda have been the biggest players over the past several years, Volkswagen obviously saw a niche that needed to be filled with the upcoming Tiguan and it seems that BMW may follow suit with their own luxury SAV.

Predictably named the X1, the new soft-roader will stretch an estimated 170 inches, which compared to its larger sibling the X3, comes in about 10 inches shorter overall. Engine choices are open to speculation, but the smart money is on one of BMW's 3-liter inline sixes, with the possibility of upgrading to their new, turbocharged mill, found in the new 335i.

Whether a business case can be made for the new 'ute is a decision best left to the bean counters at BMW. We just hope that if the X1 finds its way into production, it can compete with the stalwarts of the genre.

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