We've complained that the European market gets the delectable Focus RS, while we, in the automaker's home country, have to endure bland styling updates and an anemic naturally-aspirated (read: boring) power source. Now, Ford shoves the knife in a little bit deeper, offering the Australian market a sporting revision of its Falcon sedan with wonderful, steer-by-throttle, rear-wheel-drive.

C'mon Ford, why you holdin' back on the love?

Four variants of the Falcon are available, however the Sports package, designed to compete with the release of Holden's Commodore, is the one that you should pine for. Upgrades over the base model include a 6-speed automatic, 17-inch wheels, larger brakes and Ford's acronym for stability control, DSC. Compared to its V8 powered competition, forward progress comes courtesy of an inline-6 that Ford plans to push for its fuel sipping tendencies.

Rumors are pointing towards a possible release in the U.S. within next two years, but considering the amount of energy and resources needed to federalize such a vehicle, don't plan your next car purchase around it.

A bucket-load of pics can be found after the jump.

[Source: Drive.com.au]

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