AMG growing into new studio, lineup

Though it began as an independent tuner, AMG has become the ultimate factory performance division for Mercedes-Benz. That independent spirit is still alive at AMG as the division is establishing a new Performance Studio that will be dedicated to serving the needs of those people not satisfied with the AMG-tuned hardware at their local Mercedes dealership.

The AMG Performance Studio will work on three separate series of vehicles, according to Inside Line. The high-end will be occupied by the Signature Series, comprised of models that are extremely exclusive and designed to handle lap after lap on the track. The first Signature Series model will likely be a successor to the CLK DTM coupe/cabriolet pictured above. Then there's the Black Series, which will be "racetrack compatible" and very sporty, though likely more tractable in everyday driving than Signature Series models. Finally there's the Edition lineup that will be based on AMG production models and feature extensive cosmetic changes to both exteriors and interiors.

Inside Line reports these low-volume models will be "further up the performance index" than AMG's current production cars, which is remarkable considering the division's vehicles dwell exclusively at the upper end of the performance index.

[Source: Inside Line via Winding Road]

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