On the eve of the Le Mans debut of Audi's R10 diesel racers, Peugeot has announced its plans to enter the 2007 edition of the world's most famous endurance race with its own diesel-powered sports car, the Peugeot 908.

With Audi setting the diesel benchmark with its V10 at 650 hp and 810+ foot-pounds of torque, the French marque aims to go Audi one better all around, fielding a V12 turbodiesel putting out more than 700 hp and 885 foot-pounds.

The V12 spans a wide 100 degrees between cylinder banks, giving Peugeot's diesel a lower center of gravity than more upright designs. Like Audi's R10 powerplant, the Peugeot unit sports prominent particulate filters in its exhaust system.

Peugeot plans a September debut for the 908 in Paris.

[Source: Quattroruote]

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