GM Daewoo's 'Winstorm' SUV prepares to sweep SUV market

GM Daewoo has announced the launch of its first SUV. Called the Winstorm, auto enthusiasts will immediately recognize it by its more familiar name of Captiva.

Stats, pics, and additional vehicle information can be found here and here. Analysts are reporting mixed reviews of the South Korean automaker's entrance into the SUV market, citing high gas prices and softening demand as party poopers. But the company is confident it will be able to sell over 120,000 units next year with 30,000 in South Korea alone. Says Nick Reilly, CEO of GM Daewoo, "The (SUV) segment in Korea is still very significant. It's still a very important segment in many, many markets around the world." We sure hope he's right since GM Daewoo plans to export 90 percent of the SUV through GM's Chevrolet and Holden lines.

[Source: Reuters]

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