For those of you in the U.S. who drooled over the GM/Daewoo S3X at the last Paris auto show (it is rather fetching, isn't it?), we've got bad news. As was predicted, the production version of the vehicle won't be sold in the U.S. The mid-size SUV, GM's first SUV developed specifically for Europe and Daewoo's first SUV, period, will go on sale this April under the name Chevy Captiva, and will get its production debut at the Geneva motor show in March.
The Captiva will be the proud owner of Chevy's first venture into diesel vehicles for the European market with a 2.0L 150-hp common rail diesel, and will also offer 2.4L four cylinder and 3.2L V6 gasoline engines. Pictured is the S3X concept.

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