With the successful (if much delayed) release of the Veyron under its belt, Bugatti is all about branching out. The Veyron's nice and everything, but some folks just don't want a coupe -- what's plutocratic family man to do? And besides... despite its hefty price tag, most accounts have parent company Volkswagen losing money on each and every Veyron delivered. So... what's a reborn marque to do? Expand.

To that end, Bugatti may just have kin-toting millionaires covered. While company officials have officially nixed the idea of the poor man's coupe/roadster (which doesn't surprise us -- why build low-volume cars for $60 Gs when you can build them for $1.3 million?), there has been some talk about a coupe-sedan, complete with 950 horsepower.

[Source: Autovisie]

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