Bugatti to offer up million dollar sedan?

With the successful (if much delayed) release of the Veyron under its belt, Bugatti is all about branching out. The Veyron's nice and everything, but some folks just don't want a coupe -- what's plutocratic family man to do? And besides... despite its hefty price tag, most accounts have parent company Volkswagen losing money on each and every Veyron delivered. So... what's a reborn marque to do? Expand.

To that end, Bugatti may just have kin-toting millionaires covered. While company officials have officially nixed the idea of the poor man's coupe/roadster (which doesn't surprise us -- why build low-volume cars for $60 Gs when you can build them for $1.3 million?), there has been some talk about a coupe-sedan, complete with 950 horsepower.

[Source: Autovisie]

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