SUV buyers waiting, not abandoning their beasts of burden

According to the Wichita Eagle, local dealerships are seeing buyers either purchasing new, more fuel-efficient SUVs or just delaying their purchase of a new SUV until fuel prices fall. Few have seen buyers choosing to downsize even to large cars, let alone small ones. Les Eck of Rusty Eck Ford states, "I haven't seen people trading in their Expeditions to buy a small car."
Dealerships believe that even at $3 per gallon, the price of gasoline has not seriously affected consumer purchasing habits . Rather, lower car sales are being attributed more to the lack of rebates than higher fuel costs. SUV sales in particular, which have been falling at a steady rate, are due more to people waiting on gas prices to fall. Finally, these dealers are saying that consumers still feel hybrids are priced too high despite their savings at the pump.

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[Source: The Wichita Eagle]

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