EnzoGate update- Detective: Stefan Eriksson is 'Dietrich'

Dietrich doesn't exist. That's the word according to sheriff's Detective Zack Conner, one of the authorities investigating EnzoGate. Bo Stefan Eriksson, the eccentric millionaire claimed he was a passenger when his Ferrari Enzo was "written off" in a Malibu crash last February. The former tech bigwig claimed that a mystery driver named 'Dietrich' was the one responsible for the Pacific Coast Highway million-dollar accident, but Conner maintains that Eriksson was knocked unconscious after he grew ill and threw up.

The testimony came during the second day of Eriksson's preliminary hearing in California Superior Court, where it will be determined whether he will stand trial. The defendant stands accused of embezzlement, a firearms violation, grand theft, and driving under the influence.

[Source: The Associated Press via SFGate]

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