James Bond to rock Fiat bulldozer in Casino Royale

Daniel Craig, the next James Bond, has already endured his fair share of controversy, and now the poor guy will have to while away the opening sequence in Casino Royale in a Fiat W190 bulldozer. This word, after we we reported last month that he'll also be driving a Ford Mondeo in the film.

But don't shed a tear for Daniel Craig. We're quite sure that he'll still get to shack up with some ridiculously hot beauty in an exotic locale, bide his time with lots of too-cool spy gear, and save the world in his free time. Oh, and we're quite sure all the product placement in the film will result in a sizeable paycheck for the inconvenience of it all. Besides, 007 can always ditch the ditch-digger (and the Blue Oval rep-mobile) and drive off into the sunset in the Aston Martin he's also scheduled to drive. Life is tough, eh, Craig?

Casino Royale is slated for a November release.

[Source: Reuters via CNN; Fiat]

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