Buick LaCrosse SS in the cards?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Buick is readying a Special or Super Series model for brand's entry-level Lacrosse (pronounced: "Allure" in Canada). Apparently, it’s a higher trim designation that may eventually encompass all Buicks.

"LaCrosse will get the Super Series first," said Buick spokesperson Noreen Pratscher in the Tribune. "We aren't giving out any more details as yet, but the Special Series will add more premium and luxury features than the regular models and will be aimed at the more upscale buyer." John Larson, general manager for Buick/Pontiac/GMC, was a bit more forthcoming about said details in AutoWeek. He said, “That's an ‘up-level edition.’ It will include new front-end treatments, such as a waterfall grille, and a V-8 engine.”

The new Lacrosse model will go on sale some time in 2007. Prices have not been made available.

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[Source: Chicago Tribune via TMCnet]

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