deconstructs VW's "Fast" ad campaign

Did anybody else think that Volkswagen's "Fast" commercial hocking the new GTI started down the path of something we might see in the first five minutes of an X-Files episode? A voice coming from a demonic little statue urges a man to disrespect his woman and drive in a way that indicates he's suicidal, and it all just goes downhill from there. thought it was a little weird, as well.   If you're of the Spike TV demographic, our next question is directed at you -- how do you feel about advertising that portrays you, according to writer Seth Stevenson, as having  "an adversarial stance toward women; a thoughtless disregard for societal harmony; supremely awful taste in food and clothing; and general boneheadedness?"

Stevenson goes on to explain that the commercials are right for the demographic and do well to invigorate the VW brand, ultimately giving it an A-. Our question is this, though: what ever happened to the harmonious, clever "Da da da" ads? That's right, the creative talent behind those ads is now working for GM.

Thanks to Dave for the tip.

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