TCC's CarGirl on what 'Real Women' drive

Not too long ago, Autoblog drew your attention to the hilarious column by The Car Connection's Doug Flint about what 'Real Men' drive. Like the stereotypical male, Real Men drive straightforward, utilitarian rides that lack any sort of pretense whatsoever. But what does the Real Woman drive? Answering our challenge, The Car Connection's CarGirl takes a stab at the answer to that question.

Carol Traeger tells us that the garages of real women contain a a collection of vehicles as complex as the Real Woman herself. Paper or plastic? Bachelor Number One or Number Two? Porsche Boxster S or Chrysler Pacifica? '59 Caddy or Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible Turbo? Like anything in a Real Woman's life, the answer to anything is, "it depends."

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